Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Comic Book Day Download

In recognition of Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) this Saturday, May 1, I'll have a special issue of Rob Hanes Adventures available as a free download at the WCG Comics website for a limited time.*

Issue 9—"Rescue in Koman" (cover pictured at right)—will be available as a free download at during FCBD weekend (May 1 and 2). In the self-contained story, Rob partners with a rival private security firm to rescue a downed U.S. pilot being held hostage in the Middle East.

Begun in 2002 and traditionally held the first Saturday of May each year, Free Comic Book Day is a celebration of comics, comic book stores, comics fans, and publishers. As the name implies, participating comic-book retailers give away free comics to customers and walk-in visitors to the shops on that day. The freebies are usually special edition comics produced exclusively for the nationwide event.

To learn more about Free Comic Book Day—including previews of this year's FCBD comics—visit the campaign's website at And be sure to visit your local comic book retailer on May 1 to pick up free comics! (To find a participating comic book store in your area, use the site's FCBD store locator.)

The free download from WCG Comics will also help kick off the news that the first volume of a projected series of trade paperbacks collecting Rob Hanes Adventures will be released this summer. Stay tuned for the official announcement shortly!

* UPDATED 10/2019: As this issue was available only on a limited basis, here is a link for downloading excerpted issues: