Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Rob Hanes Adventures #16 Now Available!

Just in time for the holidays, Rob Hanes Adventures #16 is now available! To order, visit our webstore or use the order link below.

The issue offers a fun detour from the series’ usual menu of action and intrigue in a throwback to classic romance comics in a tale called “The Real Julianne Love.”

In the story, globetrotting troubleshooter Rob Hanes gets caught up in a love triangle involving a co-worker at Justice International, Julianne Love, and a costumed crimefighter with super powers known as Guardian Angel. Unbeknownst to Rob, however, Julianne Love and Guardian Angel are one and the same!

Originally produced for a comic-book anthology that mashed up classic romance comics and costumed super heroes, the story is being released for the first time in the pages of Rob Hanes Adventures.

The story also includes THREE additional bonus stories that have been newly re-lettered for their re-release here, one of which, like the lead story, are appearing in the regular series for the first time: “The Real Juilanne Love,” “Pact with the Devil,” and “The Bounty Hunters.” An update of a reprinted swimsuit pinup ad also appears in the issue.

Click here for the original press release and to see sample pages.