Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cover to issue 10 now colored!

At right is the completed cover for Rob Hanes Adventures #10. For anyone who is paying attention, I actually redrew the cover from scratch. Though the layout is very close to the original version I had originally produced, there was something about the first version I wasn't satisfied with.

This version brings the "camera" a bit closer into the action and, I think, makes it a little more dramatic. The cover obviously is usually the first impression you make on people, so I wanted to be sure I had an image I was happy with.

For some reason, this has happened the last three covers!! It may be because I am doing the covers before I start the stories (in order to get the cover out early as a teaser), but as the story proceeds and evolves, I think my feelings about the covers start to change. As a result, I end up wanting to do a cover that better reflects how the story is actually turning out. Call me a perfectionist I guess!

I initially was having some problems coming up with a color scheme, so to mix things up a bit, I tried an approach that professional colorists use where you lay the "flats" down first. I was vaguely aware of the method but really never used it before. Now I know why professional colorists like it! It helped me break through the block I was having.

Click here or on the image at right to see it full size; you can also click thru that page to see a preview of the issue consisting of several pages....

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Rob Hanes Adventures Story Launches Today

I just launched a new Rob Hanes Adventures web story today.

Rob goes to Paris to investigate reports of industrial espionage being conducted against the U.S. by foreign spies, and discovers that when it comes to advanced technologies and economic competition, it's difficult to tell friend from foe! It's all part of "The New World Order."

You can access it by clicking on the image banner at right...

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Issue 10 Completed!

Great news--I've just completed the art to Rob Hanes Adventures #10. This includes lettering and halftones. All that's left is to color the cover and complete interior editorial and promotional pages. I anticipate releasing the issue in a few months.

For a preview of the story, click on the thumbnail of p. 11 at right. In the story, "The Pride of the Chickenhawks," Rob goes undercover on a minor league baseball team to investigate steroid use and becomes obsessed with getting a hit, leaving it to his partner, Abner McKenna, to solve the case!

In addition, a teaser for the next story to be serialized shortly at the web comic site,, has just been posted.