Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cover to issue 10 now colored!

At right is the completed cover for Rob Hanes Adventures #10. For anyone who is paying attention, I actually redrew the cover from scratch. Though the layout is very close to the original version I had originally produced, there was something about the first version I wasn't satisfied with.

This version brings the "camera" a bit closer into the action and, I think, makes it a little more dramatic. The cover obviously is usually the first impression you make on people, so I wanted to be sure I had an image I was happy with.

For some reason, this has happened the last three covers!! It may be because I am doing the covers before I start the stories (in order to get the cover out early as a teaser), but as the story proceeds and evolves, I think my feelings about the covers start to change. As a result, I end up wanting to do a cover that better reflects how the story is actually turning out. Call me a perfectionist I guess!

I initially was having some problems coming up with a color scheme, so to mix things up a bit, I tried an approach that professional colorists use where you lay the "flats" down first. I was vaguely aware of the method but really never used it before. Now I know why professional colorists like it! It helped me break through the block I was having.

Click here or on the image at right to see it full size; you can also click thru that page to see a preview of the issue consisting of several pages....

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