Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year again—happy holidays from WCG Comics and Rob Hanes Adventures! Best wishes to all for a happy holiday season and new year....

To see WCG's holiday greetings from past years, click here.

And as an added bonus, below is my personal holiday greetings....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trade Paperback Now on Sale Online

The new Rob Hanes Adventures, Volume 0, trade paperback is now available at the WCG Comics online store—just in time for the holidays!

Released in September, the book has been held back for sale online to give retailers an exclusive opportunity to sell the trade to customers.

The 144-page volume compiles the original 4-issue run of Adventure Strip Digest, the precursor to the current ongoing comic-book series.

All of the stories have been completely re-lettered for the new edition. Rob Hanes Adventures, Volume 0 can also be ordered from your local retailer through Diamond Comics Distributors (item #JUL10 1161) and Haven Distributors. The book features 144 B&W pages and retails for $15.99 (ISBN #978-0-9845769-0-6).

For more information, visit our website

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rob Hanes Adventures among "1000 Comic Books You Must Read"

I was planning to buy it eventually, but what finally compelled me to recently purchase Tony Isabella's 1000 Comic Books You Must Read was the fact that a friend mentioned to me that Rob Hanes Adventures #10 is included in the book, along with a scan of the cover!

I have never met Isabella personally, but as anyone who reads the pull quotes at my website and on my comics knows, he has been a long-time reader and supporter of my series. It's truly an honor to be included in the book.

Isabella writes a regular review column called "Tony's Tips" in the Comics Buyer’s Guide and a long-time comics writer.

Whether or not you read the comics suggested in the book, 1000 Comic Books You Must Read is on its own a fun and entertaining read that covers the whole history of the comics medium. You can find it at the publisher's website at a great price and I highly recommend it.