Thursday, September 7, 2006


Note: Due to out-of-date links, this post was updated 11/4/2018

Ah, yes, just what the world needs--another blog!

Anyway, I thought a blog would be a good place to talk about the creative process, to keep people updated on a more frequent basis about my progress in producing my comic-book series, ROB HANES ADVENTURES, and to put a more personal face to the creator responsible for the series. (For those who just want occasional updates, especially when new issues come out, join my e-mail newsletter list—please be assured your e-mail address will be kept private and I only post to this every two to four months.)

This blog also will be a place for me to talk about my latest passions and to deliver reviews, not just of comics, but also television, films, books, and other topics as well, including developments on the personal front (and my family!!

The only topic I probably will steer clear of here is politics--believe me, I have my opinions and views, but given the current tenor of political debate in the country right now, all Ill say is that Im planning to keep this blog politics-free!

In the interest of full disclosure, another reason I decided to start this blog (and the associated MySpace website) is to broaden the reach and appeal of my comic-book series ROB HANES ADVENTURES. I've had a website for the series for years, but it's operated as an island in this sea we call the Web--I clearly need to be more visible at certain crossroads on the Internet where people hang out to give them a chance to discover my work. It's all about synergy, baby!

I promise, though, this site wont all be plugs and self-promotion--this will be an opportunity for me to discourse about a wide variety of topics and interests. Comments are always welcome.

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Now on to the fun!

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