Monday, November 23, 2009

Issue 12 Reviews

I've received a nice mini-surge of orders recently, which usually means the series has been recently reviewed or spotlighted somewhere.

Sure enough, in scanning my most recent subscription copy of the Comics Buyer's Guide that just arrived in the mail (#1661/Jan. 2010), I discovered that CBG columnist Karen O'Brien reviewed Rob Hanes Adventures #12 in her monthly column, "The O'Brien Factor," giving the story a respectable 3 stars. (See p. 19 of the issue, cover image at right; I would have scanned the actual review itself for this blog, but the newsprint paper made it a bit too muddy to reproduce!)

The review also earned the issue's inclusion in CBGxtra online top picks here.

A Google search also pulled up a review of the issue at the Comixology website.