Tuesday, February 9, 2010

In Time for Valentine's Day....

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, I thought it fitting to place front and center at the rhadventures* website a Rob Hanes Adventures romance story I did back in 1999 entitled "The Real Julianne Love." Click here or on the image at right to read the 8-page story in its entirety.

The story appeared in Love in Tights #2, a quarterly superhero–romance anthology series published by Slave Labor Graphics that appeared in February 1999. When I was invited to submit a story by the editor, J. Torres, I leapt at the chance. Around that time, I had become enthralled by the romance comics work of one of my favorite cartoonists, Alex Toth—Toth had done extensive work in the romance field and the work was finally being more widely seen thanks to a series of compilations devoted to this respected artist's artist. Toth was well suited to the naturalistic, illustrative tone of romance comics (versus the more operatic superhero comics), and said he enjoyed working on such stories when they were well written. Toth was very much on my mind when I produced "Julianne Love." I enjoyed the opportunity to do a romance story as well as work in a superhero adventure of sorts—and all within just 8 pages!

So I am pleased to re-present the story in time for Valentine's Day. Enjoy!

* Updated 10/2019: The webcomic link is no longer active, but new links have been inserted that takes you to preview pages of the story.

Below: Toth romance story page.

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