Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another one for the books...

Having successfully survived yet another Comic-Con as an exhibitor, I’m safely ensconced back at WCG Comics headquarters, recuperating from the annual marathon as well as taking stock of sales (and expenses).

Notwithstanding the stabbing incident at the show, many observers seem to agree that this year’s Comic-Con seemed relatively subdued. While many high-profile projects certainly demanded attention—such as the forthcoming Green Lantern, Scott Pilgrim, and Thor films—none seemed to completely dominate the program or create the kind of frenzy (or polarization) as last year’s Twilight phenomenon. The calmer atmosphere likely is due to the ability of the show’s organizers to adjust to the logistical demands of a show of this size (the show runs remarkably smoothly given the number of attendees), as well as, I suspect, the attendees themselves, many of whom have likely participated in multiple of these Comic-Cons and are old hands at this.

I’ll be posting my usual post-Comic-Con report and photo gallery shortly, but in the meantime, here are a few advance photos....

Below: J. Jonah gives my book his stamp of approval.

Photo op with Stan Sakai (Usugai Yojimbo)

Either that's a very large R2 unit, or a very short stormtrooper...

Bob's Big Boy delivers!

Mario and Jaime Hernandez.

Justice League meeting

The Jackie O girls

Obligatory booth shot

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