Tuesday, July 10, 2012

See you in San Diego!

Well, the books and booth supplies are packed, as well as my personal luggage—the San Diego Comic-Con looms!

I do hope to post comments and photos while I'm at the Comic-Con, though I haven't figured out the details yet. I'll probably do so via the Rob Hanes Adventures Facebook page or this blog.  Much of it will, of course, depend on finding the time while I'm manning my booth and how well the battery on my mobile device holds up since I won't be near any charging stations on the floor. I may well end up not posting until later in the evenings when I'm back at the hotel, but again, that will depend on my own level of energy at the end of the day!

Comic-Con is a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too, of course.  It's a time to connect directly with fans of the series and to get re-energized about comics!

If you're attending, please stop by Booth K1 (aisle 1500) in the Small Press Pavilion. Otherwise, be sure to check Facebook and this blog for updates from the show!

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