Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Entertainment Roundup for 2014

As I do every new year, here is my annual list of films, books, TV shows, comics, and other entertainments I took in this past year.

The list of television shows I watch always tends to be a bit thin since I don't always do a good job of keeping track of what I watch. I follow few shows regularly, partly because many modern television shows require a level of commitment I don't have the time to give. This makes shows with relatively few shows per season—like "Downton Abbey" and "Sherlock" —more appealing to me.

As usual, family and other obligations prevented me from seeing as many films as I did in my youth, but among those I caught, the ones I really enjoyed were Gravity, Grand Budapest Hotel, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Laggies, Begin Again, Belle, Big Hero 6, and The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies. (With the children getting older, at least we've graduated beyond animated fare!) The year in films ended strongly for me since I really enjoyed the latter films, particularly Laggies, Begin Again, and Belle. Films I thought were fine but a bit overrated critically: the Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy.

As to other distractions, I greatly enjoyed Andy Weir's hot novel, the Martian, Robert M. Edsel's Monuments Men, Cary Elwes' As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of Princess Bride, and B.J. Novak's collection of short stories, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories.

And now without any further ado...


Spy Games (HBO)
Rocketeer - Netflix streaming (1/4/14)
Iron Lady - Neflix (1/11/14)
The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - HBO (1/18/14)
Good Ol’ Freda - DVD (1/21/14)
Gravity (1/26/14)
The Campaign - HBO (2/6/14)
This is 40 - HBO (2/6/14)
Mother - Netflix streaming (2/7/14)
To Rome with Love - DVD (2/8/14)
42 - HBO (2/11/14)
Ride with the Devil - HBO (2/14/14)
Admission - HBO (2/16/14)
The Lifeguard - Netflix streaming (2/21/14)
The Lego Movie (3/9/14)
Grand Budapest Hotel (3/29/14)
Muppets Most Wanted (4/2/14)
Captain America: Winter Soldier (4/5/14)
The Emperor - Netflix (6/1/14)
Don Jon - Netflix (6/1/14)
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People - Netflix (6/2/14)
X-Men: First Class - DVR/FX (6/8/14)
Little Big League (6/9/14)
Haunted Mansion (6/20/14)
Guardians of the Galaxy (8/3/14)
Letter to Momo (9/1/14)
The French Minister (9/3/14)
Jiro Dreams of Sushi (10/11/2014)
Belle - Amazon Streaming (10/19/14)
Laggies (10/25/14)
Begin Again - Amazon Streaming (10/26/14)
Cuban Fury - Netflix Streaming (11/3/14)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - DVD (11/8/14)
Big Hero 6 (11/9/14)
Sherlock, Jr. - TCM (11/10/14)
Faded Gigolo - Netflix (11/15/14)
Theory of Everything (11/23/14)
The Duchess - Netflix (11/25/14)
Penguins of Madagascar (11/27/14)
It Happened One Night - TCM (11/28/14)
Il Sorpasso - TCM (11/28/14)
Tootsie (11/29/14)
Horrible Bosses (11/30/14)
A Dangerous Method - Ovation (12/11/14)
Tower Heist (12/20/2014)
The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies (12/21/14)


Into the Woods (12/13/14)


Arrested Development Season 4 - Netflix (1/15/14)
Downton Abbey
Sherlock (2/2/14)
Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Holy Flying Circus


The Making of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler (1/3/2014)
The Martian by Andy Weir (2/21/2014)
Five Came Back by Mark Harris (3/7/14)
Monuments Men by Robert M. Edsel (7/9/2014)
As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of Princess Bride by Cary Elwes (10/24/2014)
One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak

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