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Rob Hanes Adventures #17 to Debut at San Diego Comic-Con

One of Several New Titles from WCG Newly Released

Issue 17 of the globetrotting action-adventure series Rob Hanes Adventures will debut at the world’s premier pop culture and comic-book gathering, the San Diego Comic-Con, scheduled from July 21-24, 2016. The new issue will be available at the exhibitor’s booth of WCG Comics publisher and series writer-artist Randy Reynaldo, Booth K1 in the Small Press Area (off aisle 1400), which has been WCG's booth for several years running. This year's Comic-Con marks Reynaldo’s 13th consecutive appearance at the show and 18th overall as an exhibitor.

In addition to this all-new tissue, WCG will release at the show Rob Hanes Adventures: Special Edition #2, a collection of early, previously unpublished stories from the series (announced here), Another recent issue of the series, #16, will also be available, having debuted just a few months earlier at WonderCon (announced here). All back issues of the series—including two trade paperbacks of additional unreprinted material—will also be available at the booth.

Through Rob Hanes Adventures is primarily an action-adventure series about a globetrotting troubleshooter and private investigator for Justice International, issue 17 features TWO complete stories that take place entirely in the U.S., in the character’s home base of New York City. In “Wilde Childe,” Rob is hired as security for a high-profile painting owned by a spoiled millionaire heiress and, when the expensive work of art is stolen during a fundraising exhibition, Rob soon comes to suspect the heiress’ petulant fiancĂ© for being responsible for the theft.

Then, in an offbeat departure for the series, the second story, “Silent Partner,” features an adventure told entirely in pictures, with no dialogue.

“I’ve always wanted to see if I could pull off a story without dialogue, where the art completely carried the narrative,” said series creator Randy Reynaldo. “It’s not as easy as one would think!”

About Rob Hanes Adventures:
Inspired by classic adventure comic strips like Milton Caniff's Terry and the Pirates and Roy Crane's Buz Sawyer but set in the modern day—with dashes of light-hearted humor reminiscent of Will Eisner's Spirit—readers and fans have lauded Rob Hanes Adventures for recapturing the spirit of the classic adventure strip while updating it for modern day audiences.

Though themes and characters recur in the series, every issue of Rob Hanes Adventures is self-contained. The entire series remains in print, including 17 issues to date and two trade paperback collections of earlier work. For more information about the series, previews and to purchase back issues, visit the WCG Comics website at or

About Comic-Con
Founded in 1970, the San Diego Comic-Con International has grown into one of the world’s largest and most prominent annual, multi-genre entertainment and comic-book conventions in the world. The four day show regularly draws its full capacity of more than 130,000 attendees—with tickets typically selling out nearly a year in advance—and receives extensive mainstream media coverage during the course of the show.

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BELOW: Sample pages (without word balloons) from Rob Hanes Adventures #17

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