Sunday, July 13, 2008

Countdown to San Diego 2008 (Part 2): Another Banner Year

As mentioned in my previous blog, I decided to create a new banner for my booth, which I had printed at Sugar House Banners (which I am happy to recommend).

The banner arrived a few days ago and, as a dry run prior to the show, I put it together in my living room this evening. It came out fairly nicely if I do say so myself—I'm very pleased with the final product. Compared with my previous booth displays (which I have included below for comparison), this was easy and quick to put together. Better yet, for the most part I was able to build the stand for the new banner using pieces from an earlier booth display! As you can see, the booth is not full length like the previous one. I realized no one could see it to the floor anyway. In addition to being the easiest to put together, it also has the smallest "footprint" of the booths I've used over the years. (By the way, you can glimpse my studio loft in the upper left hand corner of the photo.)

It looks like I'm good to go!


Booth from 2006 and earlier:


Codename said...

Hey Randy! Interesting banner stand. This will be my first year at Comic-Con as an exhibitor (in small press) and I'm trying to figure out how to set up my booth. I'll stop by and say hi (and pick up the new issue). My table is Gutterball Comics and I'll be premiering my new comic "Iris in Edina." See you there!

Codename said...

Oops, my name is Jason Adam. :)

Randy Reynaldo said...
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WCG Comics said...

Hi, Jason, I look forward to meeting you! By the way, my banner stand is "home made," using PVC piping cut to size. The photo of my booth from 2006 used much of the same pieces, but configured differently. That earlier stand was quite a feat of engineering! : ) I used felt and velcro, wrapped around four pieces of foamboard, for that display. I used that booth for quite a few years, dating back to at least 2001, perhaps earlier.