Monday, July 20, 2009

Countdown to San Diego 2009/Part 4

Visit WCG Comics at the San Diego Comic-Con 2009!
Booth S14 in the Small Press Pavilion

(off of Aisle 1400, Exhibition Hall B1/B2)

This likely is my last post before the beginning of the San Diego Comic-Con....

I write this as I begin the task of packing my supplies and product for the show. As I have mentioned in past posts, I'm now an old hand at this and have kept notes and created checklists to make sure I don't forget anything. Of course, I still manage to forget one minor odd-and-end, though usually not anything major; I've actually had dreams where I have forgotten to bring my most current issue to the show and have had to drive back to L.A. in a panic to retrieve them!

In addition to debuting Rob Hanes Adventures #12 at the show, I'll be debuting the pin button you see above. It will be available for free with any purchase!

Anyway, if you're planning to be at Comic-Con be sure to stop by and say hi!

I hope to post some pics and some reports during the show and, of course, will do my usual post-Comic-Con report and photo gallery afterwards.

See you in San Diego!

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