Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Countdown to San Diego 2009/Part 1

Booth S14 in the Small Press Pavilion
(off of Aisle 1400, Exhibition Hall B1/B2)

As I write this in July, it's now only 20 days until the San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC)!

I'll be doing my usual flurry of reminders and announcements leading up to what is generally recognized to be the biggest comic-book show in North America.

(And as mentioned above, we'll once again be in Booth S14 in the Small Press Area of the convention. This is my 12th official appearance at the show as an exhibitor, though I have attended nearly every year (except the year I was married) since the mid '80s.)

And since I'm doing a plug here, I thought I'd also remind people that I maintain a CafePress site where you can get T-shirts and other paraphernalia with the WCG Comics and Rob Hanes Adventures logos!

Visit to see what's available!

In future posts, expect to hear what's in store at the WCG Comics booth during the convention—and to see my full-color submission to this year's Comic-Con souvenir program!

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