Thursday, January 24, 2008

A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular

Since the first music clip I posted was a Beatles tribute band from Japan, I thought I’d loosely go along the same lines with these videos of Pizzicato Five. P5 is a Japanese band that Wikipedia describes as being known for its “eclectic and energetic compositions that often sound like ‘new’ releases from the late 1960s hipster scene.”

I guess this is as good a description as any, but the bottom line is that I love the sound of ‘60s lounge/pop (Burt Bacharach probably is one of the leading proponents of that category), which explains why I got hooked on P5. (A compilation CD that was their third release in the U.S.—“The Sound of Music of Pizzicato Five”—is on heavy rotation on my CD player.) Their catchphrase, “A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular,” perfectly captures their sound and attitude.

P5 proved to be the entryway for me into the Japanese pop scene (J-pop), which I'm sure will be the subject of another blog entry in the future. Meanwhile, enjoy….

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benton jew said...

The Pizzacato Five were great. Got into the lounge sound during the 90's and enjoyed them as well as other neo-lounge bands like Combustable Edison.

Even did the cover art for a great lounge act called "Frenchy" for their first album "Bumps and Grinds".

They did a great loungy take on the theme the 60's animated Spiderman.