Monday, June 28, 2010


The new Rob Hanes Adventures, Vol. 0 trade paperback is now available for pre-order from Diamond Comics Distributors. The upcoming title, scheduled for release in September 2010, is spotlighted in the current July issue of Previews, Diamond's retailer and consumer order catalog.

See p. 332 of the current issue under WCG Comics (item # JUL10 1161).

As noted in my initial announcement, the trade paperback (ISBN 978-0-9845769-0-6) consists of a full-color cover, six complete stories, and 140 black and white pages. The stories have been re-lettered for the release, and the volume will retail for $15.99.

Anyone interested in purchasing the trade is encouraged to order it through the Previews catalog, available at all comic-book retailer stores, or by asking their local retailers to stock the book by ordering it through Diamond Comics Distribution or Haven Distributors.

To find a comic-book store near you, use the online Comic Shop Locator Service.


Postmaster said...

Yay! Hope this generates lots of extra sales.

Randy Reynaldo said...

Me too! : )