Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Coming this September....

It's official! The first volume of a projected series of trade paperbacks collecting the entire Rob Hanes Adventures series is scheduled for release September 2010.

Rob Hanes Adventures, Volume 0 will compile the complete 4-issue run of Adventure Strip Digest, the series' original home before being re-booted as Rob Hanes Adventures. After that, the current series will begin to be collected.

A preview of the front and back covers plus about 20 pages is available here (or by clicking the image at right).

To bring the quality of the art and stories up to par with the current series, the stories in the volume have been completely re-lettered by Johnny Lowe, replacing the original hand-lettering of the original stories.

The volume is projected to be approximately 144 pages with a cover price of $15.99.

For the official press release, click here.

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